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*E-learning safes time and energy

E-learning had becomes quite popular over the years as people discover that they can complete college, work training and all sorts of other learning directly from the comfort of their home. However, not many people know that they can use the same techniques that educators use for creating efficiency in their everyday work environment. This […]

*Lesson planning : ideas and examples for online courses

The seven step process of instruction is a great reference material with regards to effective lesson planning however some of the steps are not suitable for online lesson planning. This is because, the interactive nature of the face to face classroom is different in the online environment. Therefore step 3 and 4 of the seven step […]

*Lesson Planning : Creating a positive learning environment for online course delivery

“The Theory and Practice of Online Learning” eBook published by the Athabasca university includes a comprehensive coverage of the practices and challenges of online course delivery: The author discusses the importance of creating a sense of trust and safety amongst the learners to ensure that they feel comfortable in expressing their thoughts and comments within […]

*My online classroom trends and the different roles I play as an instructor.

A background scenario to consider : Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. I came across this quote recently but I cannot remember where I first read it. It felt as though I have always known this expression and it stuck to the back of mind, emerging every […]

*Online education and 2013-14 industry trends

Introduction Online education or E-learning is no longer considered to be a new trend in higher education or the corporate training world. Both businesses and educational institutions have been delivering E-learning products and services for more than a decade, to meet the growing need for self-paced continuous learning, anywhere, anytime. E-learning has now grown to […]