Teaching and Learning Resources


Teaching Strategies


Articles of interest:

  1. 2014 E-Learnng market trend study by Decobe
  2. 2014 High Ed Report by Horizon Project
  3. Enhancing adult motivation to learn (e-book)


Colleges and programs of interest:

  1. School of Instructor Education (Vancouver Community College)
  2. SIE Facebook Page
  3. Selkirk College
  4. IBDE Program


Links to resources that are relevant to the online education industry:

  1. The Horizon Project
  2. MOOC
  3. Coursera
  4. edX


Important Web Standards and Development Resources:

  1. World Wide Web Consortium
  2. W3C School
  3. PHP
  4. MySQL Reference Manual


Design Resources:

  1. Creative Market
  2. WeGraphics
  3. istockphoto
  4. Flickr








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