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Embracing mistakes and learning from them.

We all have the experience of making mistakes during exams, when completing homework at school and in making day to day decisions. Even as we recall these past mistakes some of us can easily revisit that unpleasant feeling that we once felt with those mistakes, as though it just happened yesterday. This apparently is due […]

*Measuring Adult Motivation for Learning.

Since the early nineteen hundreds there have been many studies on human motivation resulting in many interesting theories. From what I can tell, these theories originated from fields such as psychology, economics, sociology, anthropology and possibly many other fields of study, but applied widely in the education or learning fields as well. Take for example […]

*The practicality of “less is more” in education

Jessica wrote an inspiring article on “empowering students” in her blog. In there she highlighted the notion of “less is more” for empowering students to achieve their best where less direction and less control by the instructor will provide students with the opportunity and freedom to “explore, create, fail, recover and move within their own […]

*Lesson Planning : Considering Motivation and Motivational Techniques

This idea paper “Student Goal Orientation, Motivation and Learning” by Marilla D. Svinick, provides some insights into the different student behaviours that we experience everyday in our classroom. These ideas are important because instructors must be able to recognize students’ behavioural tendencies and adjust their efforts in order to reach greater success. This paper classifies student […]

*Lesson Planning : Constructing course objectives using Blooms Taxonomy

The University of North Carolina’s published this document summarizing four different interpretations of Blooms Taxonomy by four different educational institutions for use with course objective construction: I found this document to be very useful for two reasons: 1. In understanding that Blooms Taxonomy is not a static set of verbs but something that can be […]